Adbite’s demand-side platform provides advertisers and media-agencies with various unique tools in a single platform. We help advertisers to run their ad campaigns effectively with a targeted audience. 

With our programmatic platform, we make it easier for you to connect with global publishers. We have designed our in-house platform in such a way that it just gets you targeted traffic of humans, not bots. We are integrated with top publishers in the industry to help you get the best price for your campaigns.
We are here to help you get the maximum ROI at a minimum cost for your campaigns. We will help you get the maximum impressions with our advanced technology and data-driven platform.

Get my high-quality traffic


CPM (CPA per request)

Traffic from direct publishers

Advanced targeting

No blocked impressions

Real-time detailed statistics

eCPM real-time optimization

Self-Service for advertisers

24/7 qualified support

Custom solutions for valued partners

Own adserver solution

No financial transaction fees

Ad networks rotation for publishers


Verified Traffic

We scan all traffic for bots, viruses and malware with powerful in-house and third-party fraud filtering tools.

Competitive Rates

We provide competitive CPM rates for the best quality traffic for top GEO’s.

Self-Service Platform

Easy Self-Service platform with fast campaign approval and launch.


Buy traffic via our smart RTB platform for media buyers.